Summer Fun II Photograph by Suzanne Gaff Take these cues to Elev8 your Summertime spirit. Summer comes with its own set of problems. Kids being out of school and bored, coping with the heat and the desire to take time off are just some of what we all deal with during this season. Here are […]

Have you ever been in an area of your city and was unable to communicate with its residents due to a language barrier? You remember the frustration you felt?

FROM BLACKDOCTOR.ORG: Our readers said the parents are to blame for the actions of today’s youth, and like you, I agree. But it’s time we go beyond this simple statement. Households of today are not like yesteryear. There are myriad reasons we see a decline in values and “good” behavior from today’s youth. It seems […]

Via: // Adoption is not something to be entered into haphazardly. One must consider all the possible outcomes, occurrences, and obstacles that may arise. This is even more true when a family (or individual) is considering a transracial adoption (when the race of the adopted child is different from that of one or both […]

Via: // Although they are more likely to describe themselves as more liberal the Hip Hop and Millennial generation believe almost as strongly if not more in the basic tenets of morality. A recent study conducted by the Marist College for Public Opinion in January before the Haitian Earthquake discovered the following interesting things. […]

// After The Clark Sisters’ long awaited 2007 reunion album Live… One Last Time, the sisters announced to the dismay of many that they were retiring. But it’s amazing what two weeks on top of the Billboard gospel charts, an in-demand tour schedule, and three Grammy wins can make you do. The overwhelming demand for […]