Dr. Ivan Hernandez is a father, a fitness enthusiast and a New York State Doctor of Physical Therapy. His primary purpose to help people live a life that is gratifying through being well. He discusses what we need to know about Alzheimer’s Disease, which afflicts African Americans at twice the rate of the rest of […]

Dr. Marcus Cosby talks with the morning show family in studio about what prayer does for your relationship to God, why peace is necessary for…

Natural disasters take a great toll on families and communities. Depending on the event, families may be dealing with loss of property and loss of…

A recent study found barbershops an effective place to address African American health issues. It found that for black men with high blood pressure, a barber can make some inroads just by offering to take a customer’s blood pressure and urge action if it’s high. But he can have twice the impact if he shepherds […]

Most women consider themselves to be reasonably intuitive when they meet and interact with men. In terms of new love and budding relationships, of course, we tend to assume that all his opinions, beliefs, attitudes and general world theories are on the table by the time we get past the ‘getting-to-know-him’ round. But what if […]


Making a Change By Madisyn Taylor Expert Content If you are feeling overwhelmed, please take the time to talk with somebody about what you are feeling and take extra time to be kind to yourself. [Let’s] talk about change: what it means and how to make changes without drama. I wrote in my book about how […]

Via:Examiner.com We all say were going to hit the gym hard to get into shape, but there is a more fun and easier way.  No more weighing portions of food or all of those dreams of buying weight loss in a box.  While these may seem like good ideas in some ways, let’s talk about […]

From Zen Habits We can all relate to waking up out of bed and felling like a slug in sand. Some days we don’t even bother to get out of bed. Here are a few tips that will help maximize you energy levels throughout the day and eliminate that “blah” feeling which can negatively effect […]

VIA: WEBMD.COM – PHOTO VIA: SAVVYHEALTHFITNESS.COM Learn the lifestyle changes that can get rid of your type 2 diabetes.   Type 2 diabetes can’t be cured, but it can be reversed by eating right and exercising regularly. Do what Karen Parrish, 53, did: Take control of your disease rather than letting your disease control you. […]