In a speech that focused on unification and equality, Obama endorsed Northam as the candidate that can unify the people.

Protesters and counter-demonstrators clashed on the streets of Charlottesville, VA today. White nationalists, members of alt-right groups, Confederate groups, anti-patriot organizations, and white supremacists gathered for the Unite the Right rally. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Violence between demonstrators and counter-demonstrators erupted this afternoon. Several people were injured after fights broke out on the streets […]

Tim Kaine, democratic vice presidential nominee, is the first Virginian chosen for a national ticket in 100 years. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine accepted his party’s nomination for Vice Presidential of the United States of America. Kaine is the running mate of the first female democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Democratic vice presidential nominee Senator Tim […]

Once the two groups clashed, sticks, pieces of concrete and glass bottles were used as weapons. A TWP member told CNN the group was armed with knives and blades in advance.

Miss Community Clovia of Rolling For Freedom-VA and 9th District Councilwoman Michelle Mosby team up for a Restoration of Rights Rolling Rally stop for the people. Community Clo &…


Florida teenagers Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis were murdered and did not receive justice because of “Stand Your Ground” laws. Pastor Jamal Bryant along with many…

We’re in the final throws and the last chance for many of us to make a decision about voting in Election 2012 and this week we’re looking back on the campaign journey thus far. Just a few days ago, President Barack Obama visited the Greater Richmond area to rally voters, showcase his leadership goals and […]

    Virginia still defines the meaning of batteground state. With just days to Election Day, a new presidential polls shows President Obama ahead of…

  With about five weeks left until Election Day 2012, several groups such as the non-profit, non-partisan organization called Champion the Vote are working tirelessly to register upwards of 30 million people who are not yet signed up to cast their ballot. Of the 60 million Christians in the U.S., only 30 million actually do […]

In support of a multitude of national marches, rallies and candlelight vigils for Travyon Martin, one in particular brings a few big voices in gospel to Miami to memorialize the young teen before the nation. MSNBC reports that a candlelight memorial on the 44th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. with James Fortune & […]

The students of Virginia Commonwealth University have organized themselves to take a stand for the late Trayvon Martin. In the midst of tragedy, the students are looking for an opportunity to shed more light on the situation and inflict change on the negative aspect of our community. Tonight, Monday, March 26th from 7-9pm there is […]